Solve the Case

Become the lead detective and solve this cold case.

Who Murdered Julietta?

This is a realistic style murder case game that provides hours of challenging fun for family and friends. Perhaps you want to solve this murder by yourself. You will be provided realistic documents for a murder case that has gone cold and has never been solved. There will be crime scene photos, suspect photos and real life police documents. Any evidence that is used in a real murder investigation will be included with this murder case.

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unsolved murder case
cold case files murder of julietta winston

Can you find the clues?

Newspaper Articles

Read through newspaper articles. Are there clues?

Suspect Files

Find clues in police interrogations and many other police reports.

Autopsy Report

Are there any clues in the autopsy report?

Crime Scene Map

Review the map of area to look for clues.

5 star murder mystery

"This was our first case"

and we absolutely loved it. It was very immersive, everybody was locked in to solve this. Amazingly fun!" . . Sam, Texas
5 star murder mystery

"Fun for entire family"

"Everybody in the family loved this, kids and all. The kids were more involved than the adults. We absolutely can not wait to do more." Michelle, Florida
5 star murder mystery

"Wow this is good stuff"

"Wow this is good stuff. If you like those crime tv shows then you will love this. Truly puts your thinking skills to work. We loved it." Marcy J, Canada
realistic forensic case files

What's in the box

While we can not disclose everything included, some of the items are: Suspect Photos, Crime Scene Photos, Police Interrogations, Crime Scene Map, Autopsy Report, Subpoena Evidence, Newspaper Articles, Physical Evidence, Online Documents and more...

Best Game Night Ever!

An Immersive Experience

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